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RV Owners: Rent Out Your RV

Don't lose money on your RV every month!

We are only accepting RVs residing in California

Adding your RV to the fleet is a great way for RV owners to lower their expenses, while also keeping the RV in tip-top condition. If an RV is just left sitting, it will deteriorate.

We advertise your RV in multiple websites, search engines and Ad Campaigns. We have excellent search engine placement. We will gather the renter's information, put together legal documentation, make sure everything is signed, transfer funds from the renter to your PayPal Premier account. We assist you in setting up an account if you don't have one. We also supply signed documentation, personalized Vehicle Check In, Check Out forms and other forms need to complete your job. We pre-confirm next day rentals with you prior to booking the RV. On the day of the rental, the renter will pick up the RV from your pre-determined location. They will normally hand you their security deposit in cash at that time.

You will receive all funds directly from the renter at the time of booking. We will also offer your renters optional items based on what you have available for their use. Each renter will supply their own insurance and we provide you with their signed insurance documents.

Our website gives you the ability to login and check the status of both quotes and the bookings. You can even adjust the pricing of each individual quote and read the notes from every call or email.

How the program works

You remain in possession of your RV. It is entirely up to you which days are available for rentals. Share My RV Rental will take care of in-coming phone calls and turn as many quotes into rentals as possible. We gather renter's information, (contact information, driver's license, insurance, etc.). Once the renter has specified that they want to rent your RV, the agency (while keeping the renter on the phone) sends them to a link where they read the Payment Agreement, select their payment option, initial the agreement and electronically sign the document. The agency will then transfer them to PayPal, where they send you the entire rental amount. You will immediately receive the payment Agreement and a copy of the receipt (directly from PayPal). The agency's fee is based on a percentage of the daily rate, times the number of days. For newer RVs, (1-10 years old), the percentage is 25. If the RV is Ten years or older the percentage is 33. When PayPal processes your transaction their computer system informs our servers that you have been paid. We do not charge you our agency fee until the day prior to your RV leaving on the rental trip. 

Two days prior to the rental, our computer system automatically sends out two e-mails. One is to you (the RV Owner), reminding you that in 48 hours or less you have a rental going out. The second email is sent to the Renter which provides a Google Map link to the location, where you keep your RV, your personal contact information and a set of links to check lists, that may assist them in packing for their trip.

On the day of the rental, the renter arrives at your location for you to complete the check-out process. We supply you with a step by step process, all paperwork and completed forms needed to properly, "Self Rent", the RV. You will review the particulars of your vehicle with your renter, get final signatures, take photos and you may need to take them on a test/training drive if you feel they are uncomfortable driving your vehicle, (normally that's not the case).You will take a copy of their Drivers License and Credit Card.

When your RV is returned in proper condition you will refund the cash security deposit. If there are additional charges, (propane, mileage, generator overage or small damage), you only return a portion of the security deposit. We provide you with a page to help calculate this price. If RV comes back damaged and it is substantial enough that a body shop or mechanic is required, you will NOT return ANY portion of the security deposit. The deposit is used to cover the insurance deductible which is why you collect it on the day of the rental. You will also have a signed Credit Card authorization page where you can process other charges if needed.

Why trust us as your RV brokerage agency? (A+ Rating at the BBB)

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  1. We do the advertising
  2. We build the website
  3. We find the renters
  4. We make sure it's insured
  5. We track all the email, text messages & record all calls
  6. We screen the renter and provide you their answers
  7. We product all documents & gather renter signatures
  8. We email you their completed rental package
  9. We wait and charge our fee the day prior to your RV leaving
  10. You get the money 30 days in advance
  11. You receive Thousands of dollars a year
  12. You meet with the renter and send them off in your rig

Should I purchase in an RV and then rent it out?

The short answer is, YES. It's a buyers market for RV's. Each RV's income will vary depending on many factors such as: location, how many it sleeps, length, how many slide-out(s) it has, whether it's Gas/Diesel, if it has a satellite dish and many others factors. Some of our RV Fleet members have already sold and purchased a newer RV, since they are making such a good return on their investment.

We will let you know what is renting the best. Either way the income will easily supplement and in some cases cover the entire RV payments over the course of the year.

RV Locating Service

If you are interested in purchasing an RV and then placing it in our fleet, we can assist in locating the right unit.

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