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Why Rent a Privately owned RV?


1. BEST SELECTION- It is nearly impossible to have 2 RVs in our fleet that are exactly the same. When you rent from Cruise America, Road Bear, Apollo and other commercial fleets you get duplication. They purchase multiple copies of the same RV in possibly different lengths. Since they own the RV's, they will plaster their advertising all over the vehicle. We are continually adding new vehicles to our fleet on a weekly basis. That way you can select a different RV each time you rent.

2. FIND AN RV NEAR YOU - Since each vehicle is housed and maintained by the actual RV Owner and those owners are all over California, you should be able to locate an RV in your area. Our website provides you the ability to key in your vacation dates and it looks to see which RVs are still available. You can even bring a live Google Map on our site and see where every RV is located (within a couple of miles) and then look at the vehicle's calendar.

3. NO GRAPHICS - I don't know how many times I have heard renters say that they hate driving a rolling bulletin board. We do not add any type of advertisements to our vehicles. The owner may have a bumper sticker or campground sticker. Your rental will look like you own that vehicle.

4. PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE - When you pick up the vehicle from the RV Owner's home you will know that their paperwork has been professional provided by our rental agency. That should give you piece of mind that all documents are complete and legally binding. Generally speaking, RV Owners are adventurous and fun to be around, therefore when you arrive expect friendliness,hopefully a smile and a welcome to your temporary home away from home.

When you rent a privately owned RV you can rest assured that our agency has provided the owner with check lists to assist them in making their RV the best it can be. Generally speaking our RV owners take care of their RVs. The last thing an RV owner wants is to have any problems with the vehicle while it is out on any rental. If renters start reporting problems with and RV and the owner is not fixing them,we will know about it and that RV may be removed from our booking agency fleet.

5. FEEDBACK - We want to hear from you, both the good and bad. You will receive an anonymous survey two days after you have returned from your trip. It is our company's intention to have a set of owners that are fun and easy to work with but in the off chance there is a problem between you and the RV owner we will do out best to intercede. If a particular owner gets too many complaints, it will show as pattern and we may even remove that vehicle from our fleet. We do not want RV owners that are continually having problems with their renters. Bad new travels too fast on the Internet. On the positive side, if you have had a great experience with both the vehicle and its owner, please give us positive feed back by filling out a testimonial in our site.

6. FREEDOM - When you vacation in an RV, you choose when to leave in the morning, rather than having a set checkout time by a hotel. You also save yourself time due to not having to unpack every night and pack again in the morning. Since most RVs have kitchen facilities, you save the high cost of eating out.


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